Bioefes Switzerland

Swiss flag on the top of Mannlichen (Jungfrau region, Bern, Switzerland)

With «BioEfes», a disinfectant is finally available that offers effective protection against bacteria and viruses and is gentle on the skin. The use of our products is particularly recommended for sensitive skin, which tends to react to external influences with irritation.

SmartDialing GmbH sells the “BioEfes” brand worldwide.

Our goal is the global launch of the brand. This is to ensure that this revolutionary product is not withheld from anyone.

We sell B2B disinfecting cleaning agents, based in Switzerland. Our products are shipped all over the world from a Swiss warehouse. Since the relationship with our business partners is important to us, we try to fulfill existing requests whenever possible. For example, it is possible to print your logo on our products.

In the manufacture of our products, all European directives with regard to safety, health and quality are met. Therefore our products are CE certified. Furthermore, compliance with the Halāl rules is ensured during production, which is confirmed by our Halāl certificate. In addition, our disinfectant has a derma test with the test result “very good”.