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BIOEFES Switzerland stands for a worldwide available brand in the cleaning agent sector. Our product range is constantly being expanded and adapted to customer needs. Our chemists are constantly looking for new products. Thanks to our philosophy, we use ingredients that are kind to the skin. These ingredients are kind to the skin, are biodegradable and have not been tested on animals.

Our disinfectant works without alcohol. The active chlorine solution made from hypochlorous acid does not emit any unpleasant odors as is known from conventional disinfectants that use conventional chlorine. We also add a light natural aromatic ginger scent to our disinfectant. Our remedy smells slightly and subtly like ginger. The smell of chlorine is only slight.

Either become the exclusive representative of our BIOEFES brand in your country or buy from us as required. Our salespeople work internationally to make the BIOEFES brand known worldwide.


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